Cream E45

E45 Cream is a rich soothing cream that is unperfumed and non-greasy.

Product Features

  • Relieves dry skin conditions including flaking skin.
  • Helps soften rough, hard skin on all parts of the body.
  • Reduces skin dryness in conditions such as eczema.
  • Dermatologically tested

Also available in: 50g, 125g, 350g, 500g (pharmacy only)

Product Description

This cream relieves dry skin conditions including flaking skin.

White soft paraffin 145mg/g, light liquid paraffin 126mg/g and wool fat 10mg/g

For external use only. Apply to the affected area 2 or 3 times daily. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

• Always read the label. Use only as directed.
• Stop and ask a doctor if a rash develops.
• If you use large quantities (>100g) of paraffin-based products you should regularly change clothing, bedding or dressings impregnated with the product and keep away from naked flames as there is a fire hazard.
• Application of the product to the breast is not recommended during breast feeding.
• Contains methyl hydroxybenzoate and propyl hydroxybenzoate as preservatives.